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Brand Total is an innovative market research firm that helps top brands make better marketing decisions. It Requiered an app that can help get data on advertizing to instagram users to help multi-billion dollar corporations learn how to promote their brands online.

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Our Ux Team Invented Story Savebox, An app that extends the time for viewing Instagram Stories giving instagram users motivation to use the app. We  researched usability patterns and main pains for for instagram to create real value for a satellite app.

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Creating value for users with strategy & product market fit.

At Sparkup we practice business driven design. Our process starts with research that is aimed to finding solutions for business goals. In Story Save box we were able to predict the size of the user base by researching the competitive landscape. We also new that only one of the various concepts for this app could truly offer value for Instagram users. Our research saved the client trial and error we only needed to improve on the existing apps in the market that already showed traction by bringing in exceptional design and a friendly user interface.

“At BrandTotal, we employed Sparkup Design to help us design 3 consumer apps. Amichai and his team took full ownership of the UX/UI and quickly became an integral part of BrandTotal.”
Sagi Kats, VP Product.

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