My Hippo Dashboard

Hippo is a new kind of insurance company that uses modern technology to provide a simpler process, smarter coverage, and a completely new approach to how we care for our homes (A Sparkup - Leap start Production).

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Our UX team conducted an in-depth UX workshop with members of the Hippo team to learn about specific challenges with their existing dashboard platform.
We realized that the 2 key problems where:

1. Keeping track of the application process which had many steps.

2. Handling  the communication with managers which was done externally to the product  by email.

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Our UX team laid out the information architecture for the new site with a more intuitive approach:

1. Create  a step by step wizard  for monitoring open and closed tasks.

2. Add a Communication panel to monitor communication between agents and management.

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Experts ask questions that uncover DNA of a successful products.

In our  in-depth UX workshop with the Hippo team we learned about the current dashboard challenges.Sparkup UX Team focused on balancing 3 main functions:Agent Dashboard - To execute insurance.Note book - for tracking open tasks.Email / Chat - for tracking communication with managers and getting approvals.The new Dashboard provides an integrated left panel for tracking open tasks and a communication panel for referrals and communication.

“Working with the design team was a pleasant experience. They has a good sense of UX and product requirements. I will be happy to work with him again in the future.”

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